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Thought for the Week

For many years, I have been a proud contributor on Radio Television Hong Kong's "Thought for the Week" radio programme. Recently, I had the joy and privilege of speaking on air again, and was pleased to hear the episode last Sunday.

I always speak on something important relating to the work we do here at Christian Action. This time I set out to shed light on the plight of many families living in the area around our headquarters in New Horizons Building. Due to the prevalence of poverty and difficult living situations, many of these families struggle with poverty and their living conditions, and those tensions often cause discord and violence within homes. Suicide has become far too common.

At Christian Action, we want these families to know that they are seen, that they are cared for, and there are opportunities for a better life. So for many years, we have been making sure we care for them, providing meals for the elderly, counselling for hurting family members, and after-school care for the children.

It has been a challenge, but we have also seen many lives changed through our services to this section of our HK community. We often see God's hand in these situations, helping people through times of utter despair.

I have shared more information about these families and the work of Christian Action on the radio programme so I invite, and strongly urge you to listen. Click here to listen.

Please continue to pray for the ongoing need for our New Horizons Building so that Christian Action can continue to serve and empower these people for better, fuller lives.

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