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Back to Serve

What a joy it is to see those who were once children in our Children's Home in Qinghai come back as adults to visit us!

It's even better when they return to serve - it completes the full cycle of saving, healing and serving.

This month (May) we welcomed back Abigail and Bingjie, two of our former children who were adopted by two families at the age of 14 and 13. They came back to receive training for one month to prepare them for service in Qinghai for the following six months.

During their stay in Hong Kong, the two Christian Action ambassadors will get to know more about CA's ministries; visit various service centres across the territory, and acquire any new knowledge or skills necessary for them to serve in Qinghai. After the one-month training period, they will put their love in action by taking care of the orphans in our Children's Homes in China. Having once been helpless orphans they can understand exactly how much love and care they need to share with others who are now on the road they once traveled.

Some of our former orphans have made amazing strides in their respective fields, so while it's always good to know that the children from our orphanages have gone to live fulfilling lives, my dream is for adopted children who have left China to return one day to help those who need their help in Qinghai. My dream is now coming true!

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