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Enjoying our UniqueVarSity!

There was much enjoyment in May when we held a variety show called UniqueVarSity with 200 participants. As the name of the show indicates, it displayed the uniqueness, variety and diversity of the city's residents.

Our SHINE Centre for Ethnic Minorities (EM), in collaboration with the Ambassador Scheme for EM Youth (Urban), organized the whole show. It included fascinating performances, fusion music, Indian dance, Chinese musical instruments, and even a fashion show for the elderly.

Khadija Bibi was one of our ethnic minority clients who performed in the show. It was the first time she had played the erhu - a Chinese two-stringed fiddle - in public. Khadija said she was first attracted to the erhu by the unique sounds the instrument could generate, so when she heard that our SHINE Centre held erhu classes, she came to learn how to play it. After practicing for a long time, she volunteered to perform in public, which showed her willingness to integrate with the local culture and community.

I was so encouraged to hear that a traditional Chinese musical instrument could bring people from two different cultural backgrounds together. After the performance, Khadija was even more motivated to advance her erhu skills. "I wish I could buy my own erhu. It's good for us to recognise the talent of ethnic minorities." Edward, one of our SHINE workers, told us that playing the erhu had helped to change Khadija's life by giving her more recognition in our society.

Another highlight was the Ambassador Award presentation. Off stage, there was a whole range of booth activities including the wearing of the Sikh turban, the use of henna, Dashain Tika, and other game booths. Our ethnic minority clients volunteered to help run the booths too.

Racial harmony is one of Christian Action's goals because we are all loved by the same Almighty God.

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