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A Blessed Partnership

For many years, it has been an honour to partner with the Home Affairs Department as we serve the community in Kwun Tong District. On August 29th, we had the privilege of welcoming some of Kwun Tong's District Officers to our New Horizons Building (NHB). It was a brief but impactful time for us all!

We had only a short time to show them a selection of the many services we provide in NHB. I showed the group through the halls and rooms where many of our community members participate in classes and receive services.

Our guests enjoyed seeing the Green Collection Programme, a program they have sponsored. It was a wonderful opportunity to help them see what a great impact their partnership with us is having on the surrounding community.

District Officer Mr. Steve Tse spent time getting to know the children in the after-school programme and also enjoyed holding the practise baby doll in the pre-natal course for women! The visitors saw our youth cooking class and the employment services for ethnic minorities. I couldn't help but notice the District Officer was moved by our many programmes, and I hope that he and the others now have a deeper understanding of the work we are doing as we serve the community.

As the public comment period for NHB draws to a close, I pray that these men and women from our local government have been able to see the great worth of the work of Christian Action. NHB is a very special place, a place where for many years we've seen lives changed.

My prayer is that NHB would continue to be a place where we can continue our mission to serve the unserved for years to come.

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