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My Son and Dearest Supporter

Marlon and I recently travelled to Vancouver for our son Danial's graduation. His dedication and hard work has earned him a degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. We are so proud of him! We had a wonderful time at his graduation and then helped him pack to leave the city he has called home. It was a busy, but meaningful time for our whole family.

While I admire Danial's accomplishments academically I am more encouraged by his character. Growing up with involvement in Christian Action was probably challenging for him at times. Many children don't have this kind of exposure to NGOs, the work that they do with the marginalised, or have their mum travel to China to serve orphans and disabled children. My heart is still tender when I remember him crying and screaming as I was leaving for the airport, "Mum, don't go! Ask dad to go instead!" Ironically, these days Marlon is doing just that, travelling to Qinghai on my behalf.

However, growing up with this work in his life has given Danial a heart of compassion and a generous spirit. Recently, after moving back to Hong Kong and starting his new job, he told me that he would like to give a third of his first month's pay to our programmes as his 'first fruits'. It brings us such joy to know that we have a son who is generous to those who are less fortunate than himself.

Danial also blows me away with his talent and passion for both technology and music. During his time at UBC, his team worked to create a programming language that could be translated from a drum kit into runnable code. That was later part of a programme witnessed by the UBC president and representatives from tech giants such as Microsoft.

We are excited and prayerful about where he goes as he handles his newest role as Project Research Assistant at PolyU. I have no doubt that Danial will go forward into making a lasting impact on Hong Kong society and beyond. How amazing it is that God gives us children, our legacy as well as our dearest supporters!

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