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Another Year of Recognition

For over 25 years, Christian Action has had 282,000 attendances in empowering and training people to enter or re-enter the workforce. The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) has recognised our efforts on multiple occasions. It is always encouraging to have our work acknowledged and praised because we have worked so hard.

We won three major awards this year!

To celebrate the ERB Annual Awards, the ceremony in Wanchai this year brought together 400 members of various organisations. The officiating guests included the Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Dr. Law Chi-kwong, GBS, JP; the Permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Ms. Chang King-yiu, JP; the Chairman of ERB, Professor William Leung, SBS, JP; the Vice-Chairman of ERB, Mr. Yu Pang-chun, SBS, JP and the Executive Director of ERB, Mr. Byron Ng, BBS.

My heart was bursting with joy and pride when Christian Action received three major awards at the ceremony. The awards were the ERB Placement Service Award (General Courses Stream), the ERB Outstanding Award for Promotion and Marketing, and the ERB Merit Award for Instructors.

The event was simple but meaningful. In his opening speech, Professor Leung, the ERB Chairman, urged everyone to nurture positivity as a way to overcome challenges in life. The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Dr. Law, added to that message by reminding us of the importance of our work. Hong Kong is facing the challenge of an ageing population. The shrinking of the labour force is highly likely. The speeches affirmed that our services have given hope and joy to many underprivileged people.

Words can never be enough to express my thanks for the hard work our Training Services Division has poured in to change the lives of those in need. My prayer is that this recognition will greatly motivate our colleagues as we continue training and equipping our community to reach their full potential.

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