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A New Year Reunion

One of the things I love most about my work is the opportunity to connect with the children we have helped place into forever families and see them all grown up. Their happy faces and the love from their families reminds me how amazing and faithful God is to us.

I will forever cherish this wonderful

In January, I had a short but meaningful reunion with the Overkamp family, who adopted their youngest daughter, Jiani, from our Xining Children's Home in 2002. She now lives in Holland with Gerard and Maurine, and an older sister who was also adopted from China. The Overkamp family loves visiting China. Recently, they came through Hong Kong and decided to visit Christian Action.

When Jiani and her family arrived, they were greeted by the former CA staff who helped look after Jiani in China. There was an instant connection between Jiani and our social worker, who had prepared her for adoption 16 years ago. Marlon and I changed our vacation plans and joined the Overkamps for dinner. I could barely contain my excitement!

It was a privilege to learn about
Jiani's life with her
forever family

We had a wonderful evening together, eating delicious Cantonese food. Jiani shared her plans of pursuing a degree in biology at university later this year. I could clearly see the great amount of love the family members have for each other. It was wonderful to see God's work in Jiani's life. She has become a beautiful and confident woman.

At the end of that evening, the Overkamp family gave us the gift of a scrap book with beautiful photos of Jiani. I gave Jiani a necklace with a jade chicken so that she could always remember her roots in China. None of us could hold back our tears as we said our goodbyes.

The Overkamps, and other families like theirs, truly affirm the power of Christian Action's ministry in China. I know without a doubt that more people will change through the act of adopting a child who needs love and care. Evidently, the blessing is on both sides and I know that one day, all of our kids will have a forever family for all eternity!

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