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Celebrating Mother's Day

On Sunday, we will be celebrating Mother's Day! Being a Mum is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs! Mums are usually models of selflessness as they often put the needs of a child before their own. Watching our children grow into responsible and mature adults is one of the most satisfying gifts a mother could ask for. That was why it was so rewarding to see my son, Danial, graduated from the University of British Columbia last year. Seeing him now giving back to the community as a responsible young adult, makes me even more confident that motherhood is usually a worthwhile journey.

Mother's Day reminds me of all the wonderful mothers I have met, or come to know over the years. I'd like to mention two mothers who have inspired and encouraged our work for the community.

Shui-Heung's story always comes to mind when I think of the word dedication. As the sole breadwinner in her family Shui-Heung works three jobs a day to ensure that her children will have a bright future. I was so glad that her love and dedication for her children was acknowledged in the Hong Kong Great Family 2018 contest.

Another inspiring mother is Bashubba. In 2003, she faced one of the greatest challenges in her life - she was unable to work after being in a car accident. Then her life changed for the better after she sought help from Christian Action. With our assistance, she was able to help set up a group for Nepali seniors who were fighting for the equal treatment of Ethnic Minorities.

Shui-Heung, Bashubba, and mothers like them, make celebrating Mother's Day very meaningful. This is the perfect time for us to express our love and gratitude to our mothers. For this Mother's Day, why not make it even more special by supporting the olive leaf*? Our floral shop is offering limited edition bouquets for this special occasion. Not only will you delight mothers, you will also help our social enterprise benefit more people in need.

I pray that God will bless all mothers and give them the strength to continue being the right role models in their homes. Happy Mother's Day!

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