Help for Millions

I am a member of Qinghai's exclusive Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, so it gives me a platform to submit policy proposals to the government. As a result of one of my proposals, millions of herdsmen and farmers are now spared from having to consider abandoning an ailing child due to financial hardships.Good morning!

Here’s good news to start off your week – beautiful little Xiao Shan is doing very well after her surgery!

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Xiao Shan has her bionic ear!

Here’s the news you have been waiting for!

Xiao Shan’s operation is a success ! Her bionic ear is now in place!

Professor Charles Andrew van Hasselt, Chairman of Hear Talk Foundation, and Professor Michael Tong, the Honorary Secretary of Hear Talk Foundation, carried out the surgery.

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Xiao Shan Update

Thank you for your responses to my news about Xiao Shan in last Monday's blog entry. I sense your concern for this deserving child so I'm adding a short update on how Xiao Shan is doing. Here's the latest:

At 7am this Friday (6th) Xiao Shan will be prepared for surgery. Professor Michael Tong will perform the cochlear implant in her left ear because it functions better than the right ear. All check-ups and assessments have been done and all results are positive.

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Xiao Shan's Story 

As I promised last week, here’s the true story of a miracle, plus more!

In January 08, a beautiful little 2-year-old girl was abandoned on the grounds of our Children’s Home in Xining.  A note gave her name as Xiao Shan.  Some rural families can barely feed themeselves so the cost of caring for a handicapped child is too high.  Xiao Shan is deaf and dumb but she is a smart and caring child, always mothering younger children and so thoughtful of the staff.  At 3 years, she is now an ideal age for surgery, so we told Christian Action’s supporters about Xiao Shan, and our longing to see her with a cochlear implant which would offer her a far better chance at living an independent life.

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My worst fears... for the children

It's great having a blog site! It gives me yet another way I can communicate with you in the year ahead!

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