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Love & Sharing Bring Happiness

With less than a week left, we will say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019. As our team at Christian Action prepares for another successful year in ministry, I'm delighted to introduce our newest charitable initiative, Red Packet for Every Home!

The goal of Red Packet for Every Home is to encourage the public, especially children, to donate some of their lai see (red packet money) to our programmes. Those donations will help low income families in Hong Kong, as well as orphans and disabled children in Qinghai. Because of the power of giving, we would like the next generation to understand the role they can play in positively impacting the underprivileged in their society.

Over the last few weeks, weve held talks in kindergartens, and in primary and secondary schools, sharing the work Christian Action does, together with stories from the children and families we serve. Apart from the talks, weve provided a few immersive experiences to help students understand the unique challenges and needs of the disabled children in our Qinghai childrens homes. One students insight encouraged me.

"I didnt know that so many kids in Qinghai who dont have families, also face many difficulties due to their disabilities. I really want to help them."

It was good to see that our activities and talks have deepened students compassion and empathy, and is turning this into action.

We will also host a paper home design workshop to provide an opportunity for teachers and students to send blessings by building a "home". We are also glad to say that we will be collaborating with TAMA and FRIENDS in launching specially designed lai see packets to help raise awareness of the programme.

Would you please prayerfully consider supporting Red Packet for Every Home, and allowing your blessings to bless others who are less fortunate.

For further details of the initiative, please visit

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