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Education is Changing Lives

For all the children raised in our children's homes, the reality of life outside the home once they become young adults was one of our major concerns. Our Education Grant Programme, established in 2008, aimed to empower every child.

Jenny grew up in Huangnan Children's Home. She was always a cheerful, playful girl, and dreamt that one day she would go to school and then become a teacher. She is now 24, and because she received a grant two years ago, she attended Qinghai Communications Technical College.

She said, "I have learned that material poverty has nothing to do with intellectual or spiritual poverty. It is my goal to continue working on myself and improving, so that I can improve my financial status." Jenny took up a position as an English and Math Teacher at a Tongren primary school. She has held that position for two years and says it is her dream job.

Rang Rang was sent to Huangnan Children's Home after a major change in her family life. When she was eighteen, she went to live with her grandmother. The Education Grant gave her the opportunity to attend university. She is now a Year 3 student at Qinghai Normal University studying Geoscience, and she appreciates the opportunity to connect with nature and explore new places. She dreams of travelling the world!

These stories merely scratch the surface of how the Education Programme has changed lives. There are 108 students set to complete Tertiary Education this year because of the grants. I thank the Lord that He is leading and guiding these children towards a future full of hope!

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