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Summer Fun

I have previously told you about the exciting summer camps Christian Action has planned for our children in Qinghai. Well, the fun does not stop there! Here in Hong Kong, our ministry coordination team has planned several challenging activities for the youth we serve. We want to make their summer vacation enjoyable, but more importantly, we want them to discover their hidden talents and potential.

I believe that the whole range of art allows children to unlock their innermost feelings, which helps their development. We organised a series of handicraft workshops at which our young people were encouraged and challenged to use what they had been taught by a handicraft artist. They learned some of the coolest techniques such as bubble painting and fruit sculpture!

These are not particularly easy, but creative ideas spewed out of the participants, and they created their personal art work! One of the students happily said that he is not good at drawing, but he has now found a technique through which he can express his artistic self. That gave him a great sense of satisfaction!

Our youths really looked forward to the overnight camp, which was held at Tai Tam Scout Centre. As always, our exciting camp activities help our participants to enjoy nature, and at the same time overcome the challenges which tested their cooperation and communication skills. The amazing part is that this was the first time that about half of our participants had experienced an adventure camp!

The highlight was when our kids were given the task of creating a Roman catapult. We were surprised at how quickly they sprang into action to build the catapult. They cooperated so well that each one was able to do their task and together finish building the catapult at a record-breaking pace! This was a learning experience, not only for the campers but also for us as we realised that their generation is smart, brave and resourceful. We believe that they have learned and used skills that would empower and prepare them to live fulfilling lives.

I pray that the participants will treasure these experiences and use them to inspire others. May God bless our colleagues and their efforts in helping our youth as they grow up to be good role models in our society.

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